We help our clients shape strategy, assessing the scale and complexity of the digital opportunity and challenge,  then by building capability, we lead change, form digital teams, select partners and technologies, and embed new ways of working with agile, product-led frameworks.

We advise and support at board level, and work with teams across the business to discover new sources of value.

Shape strategy

Navigating a constantly changing landscape of new competition, changed business models, and new markets, is not easy. Through our digital strategy services, we assess the environment and the opportunity, and the scale and type of change required across your organisation. As a starting point, our comprehensive Digital Maturity Assessment provides clarity and direction, and supports board-level decision making.

Digital Maturity Assessment

A complete assessment of your organisation’s capabilities in the context of a changing market and emerging business models. A comprehensive review of hundreds of data points with the output of detailed report, board presentation, and a set of actionable insights and prioritised recommendations.

Digital Maturity Assessment

Technology strategy assessment

Digital products and services, especially web and mobile, support a fast pace of change, driven by data and customer feedback. We assess your legacy platforms, your current IT and marketing skills and capability, and your approach to development and delivery. Although a component of our Digital Maturity Assessment, this can be undertaken as a separate, focused exercise and delivers detailed recommendations and actionable insights.

Industry and market assessment

Digital Transformation strategy & planning

Build capability

To be competitive in the digital world, you have to expect and deliver continuous change in products and services, and to respond rapidly to customer feedback. This means investing and growing a long-term capability in both people and flexible technology platforms. We help shape and grow this delivery function, structuring, leading, coaching and mentoring.

Delivery leadership and coaching

Traditional project and programme approaches are based around managing cost and risk, whereas digital products and modern technologies need a value-based approach that allows cycles of test, measure and learn. We help implement this product-led approach, with the right funding model, specific roles and skills, tooling, frameworks and processes that will unlock value from multi-disciplinary teams.

Partner selection and sourcing strategy

Some of the biggest strategic decisions are related to skills and technology, which can make or break competitive advantage. Platforms, languages and frameworks need to support a fast pace of change, continuous delivery and enhancement, and striking the right balance of internal teams with partners, outsourcing and offshoring, is important to support the quality and value of digital products and services. We help make these strategic decisions, and where appropriate can introduce trusted partners for long-term relationships.

Technology selection

Digital products and services need to continuously evolve. Platforms, languages and frameworks need to support this pace of change, modern software engineering practices and where APIs and microservices co-exist with slow-moving legacy systems. Selecting partners and technologies can no longer be done with formal and fixed-price procurement approaches. We can help you choose partners that support this new way of working, where skills and cultural fit are more important.

Digital M&A, and integration advisory

The market moves fast. We help identify the most compelling aspects of target acquisitions, based on research. We advise on approach and likely synergies and risks which informs fair valuation.

M&A advisory services

Discover value

Digital is a value system and way of doing business that is real-time, always-on, one-to-one, responsive, and innovative, and where creative technologists are at the heart of the organisation. Successful teams invest in a repeatable and continuous delivery system for new technology that welcomes uncertainty and adapts to it. By moving delivery methods from project-led to product-led, forming cross-functional initiatives, you can deliver value early and often. As a result teams are open to constant change, and are able to capitalise on unexpected opportunities.

Product management and agile delivery

Having a vision, strategy and roadmap for change is important, but leadership on the transformation journey is critical. We help with the new breed of programme management, to grow multi-disciplinary teams and delivery units using agile and lean practices. We help to optimise engineering teams for quality and speed whilst synchronising change across the organisation.

Digital ventures, revenue and benefits modelling

We help corporates consider ideas, model the potential and explore the benefits of new stand-alone digital ventures.

Digital ventures

Innovation initiatives and value streaming

We help embed product-led approaches, supported by the right funding and investment models. This allows digital products to be rapidly evolved and opens the door for true innovation and long-term, ongoing, value creation.