By recognising the power of digital and the opportunity it represents, Brakes is on the way become the industry's digital leader, with the help of 3POINTSDIGITAL.

Brakes is a £2.1bn leader in foodservice in the UK, part of Sysco group, employing 65,000 people globally. Brakes have engaged 3POINTSDIGITAL to create a digital strategy, establish and lead a major digital transformation.

Partnering with the CCO, CIO and CEO, the 3POINTSDIGITAL team have developed Brakes’ digital vision, strategy, and product roadmap, and established a new digital team and transformation initiatives.

Chris worked closely with me  to  support and advise on all aspects of Digital, and the 3PD team worked with our teams in technology, marketing and the business, to initiate one of the biggest strategic changes in recent years.

Throughout, the 3PD team were thorough, unbiased and objective, having no agenda other than ensuring our own success. They led the assessment of platforms and technologies, selected and on-boarded strategic partners to support delivery, and by restructuring existing teams and hiring new skills, they created an agile team capable of delivering new digital solutions

Chris and the 3PD team became our go-to consultancy for digital strategy and delivery, and have earned trust by consistently providing sound guidance, advice and leadership to our teams, based on a wealth of experience.

Hugo Mahoney, Chief Commercial Officer, January 2018


By focusing on the customer experience to drive revenue and market share, the roadmap includes new digital products and services for the customer in web and mobile, plus capabilities to improve the effectiveness of frontline teams through customer data, analytics and intelligence.

The 3PD team have also led the appointment of new technology partners and vendors, and recruited a new commercial, marketing and technology team.

Chris and the 3PD team thoroughly reviewed our business to uncover some of our biggest opportunities from digital, with revenue and margin potential from improving customer experience through technology, aligned to our corporate strategy and business goals.

The team became established very quickly at all levels in the organisation, and worked hand in hand with us to shape our digital initiatives. 3PD’s strategy work was high quality, comprehensive and thorough, based on careful research, and critically the output was packaged for meaningful discussion at the Board.

They surfaced opportunities for innovation, demonstrating the value of an agile approach putting the customer at the heart. As the UK’s leading foodservice business our customers’ experience must be at the heart of everything we do. Their work has been extremely useful in helping me to re-orient the UK business to become customer-led whilst establishing digital as a critical success factor for our future, by tackling competitive threat and industry disruption.

A highly valued and trusted partner, supporting us in our mission to become an agile, customer-obsessed, digital business.

Ton Christiaanse, UK CEO, July 2017