The three points of digital

Our approach is framed by three aspects of digital; customer value, business benefit, and technology opportunity. We believe successful digital initiatives keep these things in balance.

We know from experience that becoming digital means making changes to your organisation whilst balancing a focus on customer, business and technology.

We see large, successful companies struggle with this every day. It’s difficult to change processes and operations, to break down silos, instil a customer-led culture, deal with legacy systems, and create new teams to deliver digital products and services. We know it’s difficult to move from hierarchical structures to new ways of working, with flat teams and devolved decision making, demanded by the digital age.

Through our Digital Maturity Assessment, we identify areas that need  focus, whether it’s as big as the business model, or as granular as teams, skills and technologies. By combining this insight with and understanding of market forces, competitive threat, and technology opportunity, we shape digital strategies and transformation plans.

Then, we help execute, by leading change and building new capabilities. Whether it’s a digital team, selecting strategic partners, putting in place flexible platforms, or moving from project-led to product-led approaches with a funding model, modern engineering tools and processes that support continuous change.

Management consultants will say ‘throw everything out, change your business model’,
systems integrators and software vendors will say ‘throw everything out, implement this platform’
and agencies will tell you to ‘optimise your web, and get yourself an app’.
These recommendations are unbalanced and often biased.

Independent and objective

We have worked on some of the largest digital transformation initiatives in recent years. Our clients trust us to advise on strategy and approach, support digital initiatives and lead more


Our services are designed to provide clarity and direction, whatever the stage of the digital initiative, transformation or change journey. Our comprehensive Digital Maturity Assessment leaves no stone unturned, and through critical and quantitative analysis, supports board-level decision more

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a permanent change in an organization, from internally focused to customer-led, from transactions to engagement, from brand to experience, and to continuously redefine products and services by learning from the more