Digital Transformation

What, why, how

Digital transformation is a permanent change in an organization, from internally focused to customer-led, from transactions to engagement, from brand to experience, and to continuously redefine products and services by learning from the customer.

The disruption of industries by digital businesses has come from technology which enables a direct connection to each and every customer.

Digital products and services can be evolved quickly through continuous cycles of test, measurement and change, and this in turn leads to the fast evolution of new business models which can scale at low cost, and with speed.

Any organisation can grow a team and adopt technologies to outpace the change, connecting with customers and turning threats into opportunities. But it is hard when you have rigid organisational structures, siloed teams and data, and inflexible technology which does not support change.

Traditional businesses typically invest in technology for business benefit and the entire technology delivery model is based on this, where IT delivers to an internal customer.This approach ignores the real customer, and embeds multiple layers of separation and process between technology teams and the customer. It leads to focus on risk and cost of technology, and project-led delivery with preconceived and fixed outcomes, rather than product-led approaches which focus on exploration, learning, value and speed. Digital native businesses, the source of disruption, start with the opportunity presented by technology. New digital products and services are born from experimentation directly with customers, simultaneously creating new business models and redefining markets.Digital natives understand the importance of experimentation, learning, and adaptation, and they have agile-engineering practices and creative technologists at the heart of the company. Digital transformation means breaking the habits of the traditional technology investment model, and reorienting the entire business to invest in technology, starting with the customer. Supporting, augmenting or replacing traditional products and services with digital experiences will bring established customers closer and open up new markets. Data, analytics and direct customer feedback can empower teams who are already passionate about providing the best possible customer experience.A strategic investment in those teams with processes, tools and value systems allows an organisation to continually learn and adapt.

Once your organisation is truly customer-led, with flexible technology platforms that support change, and skilled teams rapidly evolving products and services, your organisation will start to behave like a digital native. It will innovate and lead, by exploring new and emerging technologies, discovering customer value through experimentation, and generating unexpected sources of business benefit. We can help you achieve this.

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