Digital Maturity Assessment

Understand what Digital can do for you, your business and your customers. Assess competitive pressures, uncover untapped sources of value, and get the insights to shape your digital transformation strategy.

Our Digital Maturity Assessment is a complete assessment of your organisation’s capabilities in the context of a changing market and emerging business models.

From a comprehensive, quantitative and qualitative review of hundreds of data points across 20 categories, the output is brought together in a detailed report, a summary board presentation, and a set of actionable insights with supporting recommendations.

These will shape your digital transformation strategy, recommend corrective actions to your existing digital initiatives, or help you optimise what you already have.

No land and expand.

As a fixed-price, focused piece of work with defined outputs, our experienced team will work with you and your teams to gather, research and review data. We make best use of your time through focused interviews and workshops as well as online and offline research. Our approach, unique framework and tools are based on many years of practical experience working in digital transformation.

Always objective.

Our aim is to provide a trusted, independent and expert view on where and how to invest next in technology, change and innovation. Recommendations for technologies or platforms, or introductions to partners or vendors, won’t be based on any commercial arrangements behind the scenes, so you can be sure of complete objectivity.

Tangible results.

The results of the assessment can be used to plan your transformation journey, and also used throughout it. The prioritised

factors and maturity score provide a basis for continuous assessment as you begin to make changes to your organisation, develop skills and process, and implement new digital capabilities. We can also provide industry benchmarks for measuring success against your peers or across industries.