TUI engaged 3POINTSDIGITAL to turnaround their Group Digital Transformation Programme.

TUI Group is the world’s number one tourism business with operating in major holiday destinations and serving 20 million customers in 180 regions. In 2014, TUI engaged Chris from 3POINTSDIGITAL to turnaround the Group Digital Transformation Programme.

3PD were engaged by TUI in 2014 to turnaround the Group Digital Transformation Programme. By revitalising engagement at the programme board, redefining and realigning vision and scope, 3PD developed a new product roadmap for group-wide web and business platforms, delivered by internal and partner teams across continents.

“After redefining the overarching transformation objectives and structure, 3PD restructured the delivery capability to move teams into an agile, product-led delivery model of Digital Hubs. 3PD introduced an appropriate level of governance for the agile teams, and led the allocation of skills and resources, managing key partners and helped us maximise efficiency and delivery of group-wide digital platforms. Outstanding work in a complex environment.”
Group CIO

3PD founder Chris Micklethwaite went on to support TUI’s continued transformation journey as CIO for Group Digital Platforms 2015-16.